You just wandered into the great unknown.

No, really. Even *I* don’t know what I want this to be just yet. And that’s just it: now, it can be whatever I want it to be at any moment.

I’ve spent a decade writing for businesses and high-level executives across industries, including healthcare, technology, music, construction and more.

As a Copywriting Manager, I hope that this can be a place where strategies unravel like a spoken word. Like poetry. Like paint splattered on a canvas in differing hues. Chaotic. Breathtaking. Imaginative.

Short stories? I’ll likely have some of those, too. They’re snippets of my soul, after all. And as we tread softly on the tender terrains of trauma, we’ll also dance – unapologetically, wholeheartedly – learning to cherish our bodies without the weight of judgment.

So, grab a cup of something warm, and let’s navigate this mosaic of life together.