Random, Extremely Specific Niche Behaviors: A Ridiculousness Rating

I’ve seen so many of these on TikTok at this point, that I 100% had to try it for myself. What are the most ridiculous niche behaviors that people have? What about that *I* have? Time to find out.

People Who List Off Every Movie They Own Every Time You See Them

Hey, Mr. Man In Black. We don’t need a full run-down of your ENTIRE movies collection any time someone mentions the words “watch”, “watching”, “movies”, “shows” or anything remotely connected to those keywords. For the love of all that is tall and crunchy in this world, just stop. Forever.

Those Old Ladies Who Have to Grab You When They’re Telling You They’re Praying You Come Back to Jesus

It’s almost like they’re trying to make you believe they died and came back as fun-loving, Grandma Zombies.
I’m probably going under the jail for this comment. Wish me luck.

The Homeschool Mom That Just HAS to Talk to the Parent Before Acknowledging A Grown, ADULT Offspring

Legit, when are you going to stop thinking of me as your property, Mrs. Proverbs 31? I know you literally just came up to me and told me you were praying I would fail and 100% felt the need to ask my mom before being able to speak to me, but please. :’) Go back to making potlucks and locating switches and leaf me alone. (This legitimately happened to my best friend, LOL!)

The People Who PURPOSELY Wear Mismatched Socks to Feel Special

I didn’t know having Winnie the Pooh on one foot and Dory on the other gave you a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Special Victims of Uniqueness Unit, but HO-KAY.

I’ll bet you ANYTHING these people do this on purpose AT LEAST 50% of the time. Like “O.M.G I am SOOOOOOO chaotic!!!!!! <3”

Wait. I think that’s actually me. 🥹😭😭😭😭😭

The People Who Cover Every Margin of Their Notebook with Intricate Doodles but Claim They’re Just “Random Scribbles”

This. I just don’t believe it was that random. IDK, though.

The People Who Comment “Are We ALL Living the SAME Life?” and Also “I Guess I Have No Unique Experiences”

We’re def gonna all have the same experiences if we never leave TikTok.

The People Who REFUSE to Label Their Drinks – So Says Half-Full Glasses EVERYWHERE

I detest this with my whole being, but especially during events and people keep losing their drinks and getting new ones. Like y’all it takes all of two seconds to scribble your name on the cup.

The People Who Say They’ve “Seen It” But They’re Really Only Seen 5.8 Minutes of YouTube Clips

And when you ask them an overly specific question and they’re like “Oh, I mean I haven’t seen the WHOLE movie. But I’ve seen enough.” THAT’S NOT THE SAME THING. Ahem.

How many of these do you think are actually me?? I’ll bet you anything I do more of these than I probably realize I do. I think I ALSO do the drinks one even though it annoys me so much. Welp. Too bad. Maybe I’ll reincarnate as a red Silo cup and pay penance in a game of Beer Pong.





2 responses to “Random, Extremely Specific Niche Behaviors: A Ridiculousness Rating”

  1. Josh Lambert Avatar

    “And when you ask them an overly specific question and they’re like “Oh, I mean I haven’t seen the WHOLE movie. But I’ve seen enough.” THAT’S NOT THE SAME THING. Ahem. ”

    HEARD. I’ve probably done this before but I’m not proud of it. The crap we do for social status lolol.

    1. Jess Romanowitz Avatar

      Guilty as charged. Lol. I am so out of the loop on way too many movies, too.

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