AI/Imagination Character Build: Will Erenstein

Brother to Rob, Will is the 5th oldest in the Erenstein clan. Let’s do a run-down: 

James Willoughby – Dec. 1988
Josa Marie – Feb. 1992
Jedidiah “Jed” Henry – May 1993
Robert Eric – March 24, 1996
William “Will” Harris – Feb. 12th, 1998
Amelia Joy – Dec. 2000
Justin Blake – June 2002
Daniel “Larry” Craig – Oct. 2004
Grace Elizabeth – Feb. 2006
Faith Lillian – Oct. 2008
Maxwell “Max” Charles – May 2010

Will is an enneagram 8w9, Social, Tritype/stacking 8-5-3.

His favorite colors are Tangelo and navy blue.

He’s on social media, but only Snapchat and Instagram. His Instagram is and his Snapchat is CosmicCanineCustodian.

As a dedicated lover of animals, he has always been passionate about providing high-level care to his pets and the pets of others. This was a big reason for his ultimate career choice: a K9 Handler.

After he was done using the family vehicle, a beat up mini van, Will now drives a 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor. Looks something like this:

He NEVER eats after nine PM and he LOVES pizza rolls, but ONLY the Great Value brand. He’s also big into cheap Ramen noodles for comfort when he’s all up in his feels, like when there is a cute dog on television. He’s one of those people who just lets the TV play in the background and then tunes it out, but drives everyone else crazy.

Will is not a great lover of his country and he’ll explain it to whoever is willing to listen. As this is the case, he refuses to sing the National Anthem or do the Pledge of Allegiance.

He likes Blues and Jazz. But Blues takes the throne for his favorite genre. He’s always got blues playing while he’s getting dressed, (his style is a cross between a stylish frat boy and an athletic king) and while he’s cooking. Did I mention he loves cooking? He and Jed have hardcore bonded over their eccentric, yet delicious creations.

Will is a great lover of getting high. He is frequently lending his vape pens to whoever wants them too, because he firmly believes if they’d try it, they’d love it. Rob continues to swear he’ll never get high, but continually borrows Jed and Will’s vape pens because he is under the impression they are CBD.

He has a pet–a golden retriever pup–named Guppy. He loves him better than life. But secretly, he really wants a Bernice Mountain Dog. Don’t tell Guppy.

Unfortunately for Will, even though he hates subtitles, he ALWAYS watches with subtitles on. Why? Because people won’t shut up and he gave up trying to hear over the noise. He mostly blames Justin for the noise. Justin is likely a scapegoat and he’s high key accepted it. However, we must wonder whether Will actually hates subtitles as he still watches with them on when he can quote the movie all the way through and seen it 100+ times.

His secret vice? (Other than weed, obvi) Is 100% edible straws. He LOVES the strawberry but he’ll settle for chocolate if they’re out. They’re frequently out and Will can’t understand WHY.

He’s secretly obsessed with writing short romance stories. He thinks it’s the sweetest damn thing and he swears he could double as a Michael Landon Jr. one day and make bank on his stories. To himself, obvi. And now Larry because Larry found his WP account after he left it open on his computer. Larry now uses this as leverage whenever he can get away with it against the other brothers.

His love of ramen carries over to every stomachache, but oddly enough, not hot. He only eats it cold with sprite on occasions when he can’t get past the stomachache and swears it’s the only thing that works. Justin says he might be onto something, but won’t try it. Jed and Rob say he’s crazy. Larry agrees, but secretly wants to try it.

Will also loves socks and he has a drawer full of the most fun ones he could think of or that related to things he loves. He even has a pair that looks like a dog with little flaps of fabric as ears.

While he does constantly crap talk Disney movies, his favorite movie happens to be a Disney movie: Treasure Planet. He absolutely resonates with Jim Hawkins.

Though he is deathly afraid of flipping and of heights, Will is convinced he will learn parkour. It’s a work in progress.

He puts mustard on his fries AND wings, much to the chagrin or his brothers and little sister, Amelia, who definitely gives him the most grief for it. Her groans can be heard across the house and or restaurant whenever he picks up the mustard bottle.

His other favorite thing to do? Drag racing. But not drag racing the way you think of drag racing. This is a very redneck, backwoods, thick southern accents, get $25 if you win type of drag racing. He gets a high off of winning AND losing.

While he loves audio books and podcasts, he has an aversion to reading physical books. But somehow also LOVES the smell of old books? He keeps petitioning candle companies to create an old book scented candle. We’ll see if they fall for it.

This is Will, as imagined by AI:

In addition to hating physical books, he gets sassy and pissy when people talk about how much they love books because it makes him think they believe they’re better than him. He resonates with Emma Woodhouse for creating a title of 100 titles she never reads.

He takes cold showers and he’s always telling everyone and letting them know they’d be way healthier and happier if they would do a cold shower once a week or even a cold bath if they’re a “sissy” but everyone just rolls their eyes. It 100% pisses him off.

Now, he never does this when watching movies alone, but if there are people over, most especially other girls, Will slips his weights out and casually starts curling halfway through. And he doesn’t stop. By the end, he’s red in the face doing pushups and the girls are rolling their eyes.

Another thing that can easily set Will off? Physical contact. He will go into an absolute frenzy if someone casually squeezes his shoulder or brushes his arm. And it’s not that he hates it, but that it makes him insanely uncomfortable and he can’t focus on anything until he’s had a chance to calm down and tell himself it was an accident and they DO in fact respect his space.

Will 100/10 has an irrational fear of balloons. Like. He won’t go near them. He actively avoids parties and everyone knows this so they try not to include balloons. He blames it on his love of the earth and the fact that helium has become “so very rare” but they all know the truth.

Will doesn’t need anything but water. He’s very likely the most hydrated person on the planet and it’s all because he just loves water. He has a red and black 32 oz. water bottle that is his “emotional support water bottle” and it goes everywhere he goes. Period.

When he was seventeen, he snuck out and went to 2nd and Charles to buy a Switchfoot CD and happened upon a bracelet with a Grim Reaper on it. He was taken aback by how edgy it was and decided to buy it and start wearing it to piss people off. It worked and he’s worn it since. It’s his personal way of fighting back against the powers of the world.

Will is also addicted to making people believe he is emo on random occasions when nobody (but everyone) will see it coming. For instance, he loves showing up to Christmas or to Family Picture Day, (held annually on the second Saturday of November) dressed in grungy and black ripped up jeans, a black hoodie with a white peace sign on it and eyeliner on. He is a thorn in his mother’s Christmas Cards side.

Will and Rob are very close, as they always have been. They grew up almost like twins. And the first time I imagined we’d met them, Rob was having a hard time with the move and acting like an absolute ASS and Will was being really nice, trying to warm his brother up to new faces and new places.

Will is the one that people can rely on to smile and encourage them when they’re feeling nervous. He can be a rage-happy individual, but he’s also got a warm and friendly side that shines through the rage at almost every corner.

When he’s not showing off exercising during movies with his friends, walking his dog, researching animal missions or singing while he shaves, Will can be found listening to podcasts while he meticulously cares for the lawn or makes a new dish to share with his bros.





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